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Browns Plains Smart Tip

Project Description


In early 2009, Moggill Constructions completed the construction of a new cell at the Browns Plains Smart Tip. Moggill was responsible for all works on the site, including:

  • Earthworks;
  • Leachate and Subsoil Drainage;
  • the installation of approximately 45,000 m2 of Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) and
  • spreading of the Drainage Gravel.

Due to wet conditions during the installation, very little GCL was stockpiled onsite therefore overnight protection of the uncovered GCL was required along with well orgainsed daily deliveries which allowed Moggill to place up to 6,000m2 of the liner per day. Installation of the 45,000m2 area was achieved within a month.

During construction on the project, Moggill utilised a 3D laser system.


Project Details

Logan City Council

Contract value
$2.4 million

Project Status

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