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Bridge Infrastructure Reinstatement in the Ipswich Area

Project Description

The Bridge Infrastructure Reinstatement Contract was awarded to Moggill Constructions to reinstate damaged infrastructure to 13 bridges in the Ipswich region effected by the 2010/11 flooding in south east Queensland.

The works included:

  • Assessing and implementing suitable traffic and environmental controls at each bridge site
  • Dewatering work area to allow excavation to be carried out below water level
  • Creating safe access to work site, often dealing with steep and unstable embankments
  • Extension of abutment protection and new footings to discourage any further scouring
  • Reinstating undermined footpaths including expansion joints in bridge decks
  • Profiling and resurfacing bridge decks including waterproofing and joint expansion joint repairs
  • Deck soffit concrete repairs
  • Grouting to fill voids behind abutment protection and undermined relieving slabs
  • Guardrail and Handrail rejuvenation and reinstatement
  • Underdeck stormwater and water main repairs

Specific Issues Relevant to this project:

  • Construction in and around environmental and heritage sensitive waterways
  • Traffic management on busy and complex intersection for bridge surfacing
  • Transporting large quantities of material to worksites with a limited area for stockpiling and often tight access
  • Installing stormwater pipes directly under bridge deck over water
  • Programming around inclement weather in order to complete project efficiently and with minimal impact on surrounding environment


Project Details

Ipswich City Council

Contract value
$2.3 million

Project Status

Project Category
Civil Structures