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Wendouree Crescent, Westlake

Project Description

The Westlake Flood Recovery contract was awarded to Moggill Constructions to repair drainage and stabilise the banks at two sites along the Brisbane River at Westlake.

The works included:

  • Installing a gabion block wall to stabilise the bank and allow for a new drainage outlet that won’t cause erosion;
  • Install new manhole and drainage line to outlet into the river at two sites;
  • Reinstate Landscaping and shape to new height;
  • Install rip rap protection and rock baskets to outlet of drainage.

Specific Issues Relevant to this project:

  • Current bank is steep, high and consists of loose sandy material;
  • High environmental controls required due to native trees near work area and working on the banks of the Brisbane River;
  • Access to sites is difficult and tight to minimise environmental impact and damage to public spaces.




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Brisbane City Council

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