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Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension Motorway Base Level ITS Project

Project Description

The purpose of the Logan Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) Project is to provide Queensland Motorways with a base level implementation for incident detection and to monitor vehicular movements.  Traffic can then be informed about traffic issues in real time.

The work includes:

  • Installation of electrical and communication devices; 
  • Installation of ITS components including;
  • VMS’s;
  • Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV’s);
  • Vehicle Detection Devices, etc;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete barriers and guardrail;
  • Civil works

    Major challenges:

    • Complex traffic management and staging in high speed highway environment;
    • Highway restrictions on lane closures;
    • Significant community liaison and interface with stakeholders;
    • First major project in Queensland to install wireless Vehicle Detection Devices in motorway class of road.




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      Queensland Motorways

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