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Private Albert Thistlethwaite Bridge Remediation Works

Project Description

The $300k contract for remedial works to the Private Albert Thistlethwaite Bridge at Closeburn was awarded by Moreton Bay Regional Council in November 2012  for the following activities:

  •  Replacement and upgrade of rock-fill scour protection to the creek banks and pier footings;
  • Miscellaneous structural repairs to the bridge superstructure and abutments;

all as part of their recent flood reclamation works contracts.

Specific Issues relevant to this project included:

  • Restricted and difficult site access particularly under the bridge;
  • Transporting and placing the large volume of well graded large particle  rock-fill;
  •  Ensuring interlocking of placed rock-fill;
  • Minimising our environmental impact on the footprint of the works, particularly the creek;
  • Difficult access to certain structural repair activities;
  • Bridge repairs carried out under live traffic.




Project Details

Moreton Bay Regional Council

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Civil Structures