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Seventeen Mile Rocks Road Intersection Upgrade

Project Description

Duplication of Seventeen Mile Rocks Road and the existing unsignalised intersection with Oldfield Road as part of the Lord Mayors Road Action Program, tackling Brisbane's 21 worst congested roads.

 The works included:

  • Installing new generation “smart” traffic signals with signalised pedestrian crossings;
  • Widening the Seventeen Mile Rocks Road and Oldfield Road approaches to the intersection;
  • Installing shared pedestrian/cyclist paths and on-road bicycle lanes;
  • Extensive landscaping involving local community consultation;
  • Upgrade to streetlighting;
  • Installation of stormwater reticulation.

Major Challenges:

  • Upgrading existing high density traffic route whilst maintaining existing peak hour traffic conditions; no lane closures were permitted during daytime construction activities;
  • Construction implemented in 6 major traffic managed stages, with minimal impact on traffic flows, local businesses & residents;
  • Coordination and construction around existing & new public utility plant;
  • Replacement of large volumes of unknown, unsuitable subgrade material;

Contract completed 3 months early inspite of unprecedented periods of wet weather during the Spring - Summer 2010 - 2011.






Project Details

Brisbane City Council

Contract value
$2.6 million

Project Status

Project Category
Major Infrastructure