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Samford Cycle Link Stage 1

Project Description

The Samford to Ferny Grove cycle link once complete will provide 8.3km of cycleway between Ferny Grove Station and Samford.


Stage 1 of the bikeway included the construction of five missing links of the bikeway between Ferny Grove Station and Petersen Road, Samford.  The missing links included the upgrade of some of the existing bikeway infrastructure which included local streets and the full construction of 2.3kms of bikeway which runs through Samford Forest along the historic Samford rail corridor with asphalt.

Scope of the Work:

  • The construction of 2.3km of asphalt bikeway;
  • Earthworks;
  • Construction of unbound pavements for road widenings and road culdesacs;
  • Drainage including the construction 4/2400x1500 box culvert across an existing creek;
  • Lined concrete drains;
  • Concrete pavements including sections of bikeway, entrances, and concrete driveways;
  • Solar LED lighting;
  • Rural, bicycle and entrance fencing;
  • Signage;
  • Line marking;
  • Glow line and retroreflective line markings;
  • Landscaping.

Project Challenges:

  • Dealing with multiple stakeholders as the bikeway crossed through both Moreton Bay Regional Council, Brisbane City Council, State Forestry and the Principal, DTMR.
  • Local access for residents and farm land also had to be considered and allowed for during and post bikeway construction;
  • The delivery of trial work such as pathway lighting by use of Solar LED's and Glow line markings successfully while working with new subcontractors to fulfil client expectations;
  • Delivering the project and meeting all clients' expectation in a short timeframe including closing out any defects and undertaking additional work prior to the official bikeway opening.


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