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Jones Road Intersection Upgrade

Project Description

Moggill Constructions’ work on the Jones Road Upgrade is part of an ongoing improvement to the area to improve traffic congestion.  The road duplication will create a four traffic lane road improving the trafficable area around the extremely busy Jones Road/Redbank Plains Road intersection through to Augusta Parkway.  

The works included:

  • The removal and installation of key retaining structures at the front boundaries of existing property boundaries;
  • Reconstruction, realignment and widening of approximately 1.2km of roadway, including a signalised intersection at the heavily used Jones Road/Redbank Plains Road/Keidges Road Intersection;
  • Relocation of existing services;
  • Construction of new sewer, water, and drainage;
  • Construction of retaining walls, including blockwork retaining wall with cladded face and also drystack arrangements of block;
  • New footpaths, driveways to properties as well as associated lighting and fencing.

Specific Issues Relevant to Project:

  • Working around existing properties and businesses, including service relocation within property boundaries;
  • Maintaining pedestrian and vehicle access to residential areas and local businesses;
  • Staged traffic management under heavy traffic and difficult conditions;
  • Works in coordination with local service authorities, including connection to live mains;
  • Asbestos pipe removal



Project Details

Ipswich City Council

Contract value
$11 million

Project Status

Project Category
Major Infrastructure